Monday, July 23, 2007

A starting point

Ugh, just looking at that image makes me shudder.

This is a blog about IVF, infertility and all the surrounding issues that go with it. I plan to write it as often as I can, explaining my experience to date bit by bit, and where I'm at now. I actually got very sick of blogs and websites and forums about infertility while I was undergoing treatment, however I think it's important to share information with other people facing infertility and all the massive decisions associated with it.

Because that's one of the most important and difficult things about fertility treatment – the endless decisions you have to make that have potentially massive, life changing outcomes. You have to become an expert in your own situation, because if you don't, in my experience, no-one else will. And this is not about naming and shaming any clinics or doctors by the way, it's about wanting to arm other people with as much information as I can share so that if just one woman avoids having unnecessary treatment, it's worthwhile.

Here's a summary of the last three years:
Decide with boyfriend that we wanted to have a baby.
Start trying to have a baby.
Have fun trying, but start having tests in the background to reassure myself all is ok because I'm late 30s and if something's wrong I want to know sooner rather than later.
Initial tests all ok.
Still having fun trying.
Have Hystericalpingugram (I know it's not called that, but I prefer to make it sound cute) and am in excrutiating pain for around 2-3 hours afterwards. Seriously, unbelievable pain.
Get over that, carry on. Wait a few months or weeks, I can't remember, for results.
Go to hospital for results. Bad news. Bilateral tubal blockage.

And here's where the fun starts.

I'm going to stop now because I can't write everything in one go, so sorry, you'll have to wait a day or two for next instalment. Please don't hesitate to ask questions, I really want to help anyone I can facing treatment.


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